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BatCali Costume Napped by Kitty Woman

9:08 video

Kitty Woman is planning to break in to the mayor's office. There is only one problem. She does not believe she will be able to get in without the help of BatCali's costume as a disguise. Due to this, she sets a trap for BatCali in her home. When BatCali arrives, her and Kitty Woman wrestle and fight one another. However, Kitty Woman becomes tired of the struggle and knocks out Bat Cali instead. Once she is out, she carefully removes her uniform one piece by another. Bat Cali awakens but it is no use and Kitty Woman once again. Finally, Kitty Woman gets all the clothing and head out to the mayor's office. Bat Cali awakens naked and scared and embarassed, but she must go catch the evil burglar before she causes more problems.


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